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Some colours are not available for some materials, we can advise you on your options. We can also create custom colours to suit your colour scheme.

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Full Height


Covering the whole window as one unit, these shutters are one of our most popular styles. Best for: insulation, privacy and noise reduction.
Solid wood panels that cover the window entirely. Best for: insulation, bedrooms and period properties.
Panels that cover only part (most often the bottom part) of the window. Best for: privacy, a continental feel and a cheaper alternative to full height.
Two sets of panels stacked on top of each other that act independently. Best for: light control, privacy, bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms.
Made to measure shutter panels. Best for: unusually shaped windows and enhancing your architecture rather than obscuring it.


MDF offers muted tones and a premium appearance at an affordable price point. 

Get your project on the road faster with our express air-freight range of MDF.


Tough and durable MDF. Available in a wider range of colours than Westminster.

Solid hardwood. Versatile and strong. Available in limited shades.
Waterproof bathroom shutters that won’t warp, dent or chip.
Formed of light, eco-friendly timber. Available in a wide range of colours.

Painted Colours

Not all colours shown are available for all materials. Please select your preference and we can advise you on your options. We can also create custom colours to suit your colour scheme. Please note that colours will vary depending on your screen.


Slat Size

Tilt Rods


If you know the measurements of your window(s), please let us know so we can provide you with a more accurate quotation.

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